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For information and resources for a specific course, follow the class links below or to the left.

Here are the chemistry courses offered at JAHS:

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For class assignments and other school-related information, see my Edmodo page.

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Here are Pennsylvania's state standards for the sciences.

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Download the primer for the Keystone Exam in chemistry:

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Download a printable periodic table with ion tables:
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Download a laboratory report template:

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Download SI Units and Conversion Factors:

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Download a solubility table (contains other data as well):

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If you have a phone or mobile device that handles apps, here is a list of excellent chemistry apps (most are free or under $2):
  • EMD PTE (periodic table/molar mass calculator/visual elements/history, by Merck)
  • Atoms Lite (learn about atomic structure - protons, neutrons, and electrons)
  • FormulasLite (learn names of ions, polyatomic ions, organic functional groups)
  • Atom in a Box (modern electron configuration/3D orbital modeler)
  • Atoms in Motion (model temperature, pressure, and volume on gases)
  • eDisribution (look up electron configurations for any element)
  • Nuclear (construct atoms and learn about nuclear structure and stability, radioactivity)
  • NuclideChart (every known stable or unstable atomic isotope and loads of data)
  • pH-Calculator Lite (run a virtual titration, complete with pH curve)
  • Enthalpy (calculate specific heat problems/thermochemical reactions)
  • Organic Chemistry Nomenclature Quizzilator (learn organic nomenclature)
  • Molecules (3D molecule models/download from databases)
  • ChemDoodle Mobile (sketch organic compounds and save/send ability)
  • Mobile HyperChem Free (molecular modeler, mass spec, C and H NMR)
  • Chemist (perform chemistry experiments on the iPad only)
  • Spectrum Analysis (study the emission and absorption of light for the elements)

Visit this page, where there are many Excel simulations of chemistry concepts.

Search for chemistry-related video tutorials at Khan Academy, here.

Keep up with current chemistry-related science on Science News:
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Follow this link to an interactive visual periodic table.

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Here is a link to the University of Nottingham's video periodic table.

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Go here for a detailed list of interactive or visual resources in chemistry.

Check out the McGraw Hill Chemistry online tutorials.

Here are some sample college syllabi, just in case you're curious as to what you might some day need to know.

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